Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jamie's Big Day

Today was a special day for the Hughes family.  Jamie made his First Communion today - the first gluten-free First Communion in our Parish actually!  As you can see, he was decked out for the event (less the needed haircut)!

What's new on the farm?  Well, most of our early garden planting has come up.  Yeah!  I can almost taste the fresh lettuce mix and spinach.  Also making an appearance are peas, beets and Swiss chard.  No sign of the carrots yet, but they usually follow close behind the beets which are just barely peeking.  Our tomatoes, peppers, onions and flowers started indoors are doing well too.  I will get some pictures of all that this week to post.

Other big news on the farm is that we will be getting some baby chicks (meat birds - layers will be next month).  So, I will definitely get some pics of those cute yellow fluff balls posted for everyone's enjoyment! 

I'll sign off with a couple of pictures of the day we planted our early potatoes/garden (the week after Easter).  Take care.

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