Monday, March 29, 2010

Out with the old....

2009 financial books that is! Yeah, I finished the books on Friday! Now, to get started on 2010 and do a little bit weekly to keep it manageable - a goal that we will succed in this year!

Approximately 1500 onion seeds are busily germinating, but not peeking at us yet. Last year was the first we started onion from seed (in addition to sets, which was always what we used - but are not available organically) and we were very pleased with the quality of the onions. They are actually quite easy to grow from seed, but take up a lot of room! This is the year we plan to finally get a greenhouse, though, so we should have more room for our "grow op" as Gary has dubbed it (I'll include a pic when there is actually something growing). I'm a bit later getting some things started compared to last year, but I felt I had to get the books off my mind before I could focus on anything else. Next to be planted: more onions, leeks, peppers and tomatoes!

Well, our early, beautiful spring weather seems to be taking a break - but, wow, the snow has really disappeared! The kids have their bikes out and are loving it!

Hope all is well in everyone's world!

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