Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photo Updates

As promised, some (belated) pictures!

Baby Chicks 2010!

Grace & Jamie with the new babies!

Pepper Plants
Tomato Plants


Well, grass cutting season is in full swing and we should have a lot more garden planted than we do, but sometimes things just don't go how you think they might!  While the grass is in full swing, temperatures have remained quite cool and while it hasn't been what you may call a "wet spring", it hasn't been a very sunny one either!  I'm anticipating a very busy next few weeks!

I'll close with a picture of the kids at last weekend's Mayflower Alpaca Show in Crapaud.  They all participated in the junior showmanship.  Grace got 3rd place, Jamie 4th, and poor Katie ended up only with a medallion and honorable mention because her alpaca "spooked" and drug her around the show ring.  She made us proud, though, and handled it well. 

Grace, Katie and Jamie at the Mayflower Alpaca Show

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