Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Circle of Life

I guess it's only fitting that since my last post was about new life on the farm that this one is about death on the farm.  Yesterday we lost our dearest and most favourite cow in the barn - Bliss.  Bliss was one of the largest and most gentle cows we've ever had.  The kids could lie on her back in the stall and she seemed to enjoy it!  She was always a willing customer for their grooming practice.  Bliss had been ailing somewhat lately and died last evening with the kids at her side - almost like she waited for them.  It was very sad and we all cried for Bliss, our favourite.  One thing about growing up on a farm, you learn a lot about life and death.

A Happy Day!  -  Bliss and her baby "Pearl"

In other, happier news, the bit of early things I got in the garden (spinach, lettuce, radish) are all peeking through.  We just need some sun to get things going!  We also need a stretch of good days to get our waiting potato sets planted and a good garden planting in.  We're going to be hopping when the weather breaks!  The baby tomato, pepper, celery, etc. plants I have started in the house are beginning to outgrow the space we have for them - I have to get something else set up for them.  Take care all!

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